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Valuable Items Insurance

Looking at protecting your high value possessions against loss or damage? Then valuable items insurance is the right choice for you! Often jewelry, furs, art works and other items have high financial value as well as emotional attachments. With a comprehensive insurance cover in place, you can protect these beloved possessions against loss or damage.

Who Should Avail Valuable Items Insurance?

  • expats-icon Expats
  • diplomats-icon Diplomats
  • swiss-citizens-icon Swiss Citizens

Risk Coverage for Your Personal Valuables

When it comes to protecting your high value possessions, an insurance that covers the cost of repairing (in case of damage) or repurchasing (in case of loss) is ideal. With valuable items insurance in place, you can cover your jewelries, furs, musical instruments, sports and hunting weapons as well as any special items such as sculptures, tapestries or any other work of art.

  • All-risk Coverage

    An all-risk coverage protects you from the financial consequences in case of theft, robbery, misplacement, damage or destruction.

  • Damage Cover

    In case of partial damage of any valuable item, this will help you cover the expenses of repair or reimburse for the partial loss.

  • Preemptive Coverage

    A preemptive cover insures your valuables correctly, even if their value increases.

Get in touch with one of our experts to know more about the features of valuable items insurance today. We can help you decide on the best cover for your requirements. In case you’ve already got an offer, we can help you understand different components and probably make a better one

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