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Car Insurance for Expats

As an expatriate, you may buy or lease a car in Switzerland or you may choose to import your existing car to the country. In case you are purchasing or leasing a new car, you’ll need to get it insured before registering the same. If you are importing the car from within or out of Europe, chances are that your present insurance provider will not cover the car in Switzerland. In either cases, we can help you in finding the right insurance cover, with zero hassle on your part!

In case, you are yet to purchase or lease a car in Switzerland or looking at importing your current car to the country, our partner can offer you some great options at the most competitive cost. Let our expert know your requirement and Autociel representatives will get in touch with you within the next 2 days.

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Types of Car and Motorbike Insurances

Third-Party Liability

Insurance Type: Mandatory


This is the mandatory insurance that helps you cover any damage done to a third-party.

Partial Damage Cover

Insurance Type: Non-Mandatory


Also known as Partial Casco, this helps you in partially covering any accidental damage to your own car.

Full Damage Cover

Insurance Type: Mandatory


Also know as Full Casco, this offers comprehensive coverage to your car in case of any accidental damage.

Not sure about how to proceed? Not to worry! Our insurance experts will love to answer any questions that you might have. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation today!

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