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Household Contents Insurance

Unplanned expenditure of large amount can put a dent in your financial stability. If you have moved your furniture and other belongings to Switzerland or have just finished decorating your new home in this beautiful county, it is high time to get your possessions insured. While this is not a mandatory insurance in Switzerland, we strongly recommend to get this cover to ensure complete peace of mind.

Who Should Avail Household Contents Insurance?

Owners and Tenants of

  • house House
  • apartment Apartment
  • vacation home Vacation Home

Insure Your Furniture and Other Property Optimally

The Household Contents Insurance lets you cover your belongings, be it furniture or other possessions at your home in case of any accidents or natural calamities. While components of the insurance cover may vary according to the plan you choose, in general the insurance comes with the following features.

  • medical-icon
    Natural Disasters

    This insurance covers you against natural calamities such as lightning, earthquakes, flood, volcanic eruption etc.

  • dental-icon

    In case of accidents such as fire, smoke, explosion or water damage you can claim the damage with this insurance cover.

  • outpatient-icon
    Criminal Activity

    With the Household Insurance in place, you can protect your belonging against criminal activities such as burglary, robbery or theft.

Get in touch with one of our experts to know more about the features of Household Contents Insurance today. We can help you decide on the best cover for your requirements. In case you’ve already got an offer, we can help you understand different components and probably make a better one.

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