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Travel Insurance

Exploring new places and making memories is fun! Why worry about cancellation charges, unfortunate incidents or falling sick on a trip, when you can insure your wanderlust with a comprehensive travel insurance. A must have cover for all wandering souls, this insurance let’s you plan and enjoy your vacations without having to worry about unforeseen financial burden.

Who Should Avail Travel Insurance?

  • frequent travelers Frequent Travelers
  • senior travelers Senior Travelers
  • individuals families Individuals and Families

Enjoy Your Holidays with the Right Cover

Holidays are the time when you enjoy yourself without the worry of the world. However, things like cancelling the tickets at the last minute or an incident during the trip can not only spoil the fun, but also increase your budget significantly. A good travel insurance can help you cover these unforeseen expenses and make your travel carefree!

  • medical-icon
    Cancellation Cost

    Cancelling a trip can be a costly affair. If you have to cancel a trip due to an illness or unforeseen incidents, cancellation charges on transportation and accommodation can make a dent in the pocket. With the right travel insurance in place, you are protected against these extra costs.

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    International Travel Insurance

    This is essential for dealing with emergencies during your travel. In case of accidents or illness during your travel, an internal travel insurance covers you with all costs of search and rescue, transportation and any additional costs that may be involved.

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    Roadside Assistance in Europe

    If you are travelling by road within Europe, this feature helps you cover the cost of roadside assistance, towing of your vehicle and making it road-ready again.

Get in touch with one of our experts to know more about the features of travel insurance today. We can help you decide on the best cover for your requirements. In case you’ve already got an offer, we can help you understand different components and probably make a better one.

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