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Generic Questions

What is the charges for your service?

We don’t charge you anything. We get a commission when we conclude an insurance, there are no other costs.

Which insurance policies are compulsory in Switzerland?

Only health/accident and third-party liability insurance for motor vehicles are compulsory. When a vehicle is leased, a Casco coverage is also compulsory and is required by the leasing company.

I have not yet reached Siwtzerland. Can I plan my insurances already?

f course! Planning the insurances at this stage will help you in streamlining things and make the moving process free of hassle. Our expert can offer you necessary consultation over email or phone. Get in touch with us Here and our experts will help you through the process.

Can I be insured before arriving in Switzerland?

Of course, you can get offers and sign your contracts from abroad. A simple signature of the proposal returned by email does the trick!

Am I insured only when the premium insurance has been paid?

No, once the insurance policy is issued, the coverage becomes final.

I'm a Swiss Citizen. Can you help me in my insurance planning?

We would love to! While we primarily work with Expats and Diplomats, our experts can help you in identifying the right insurances as well as plan your investment.

Which insurance policies are not compulsory but strongly recommended?

Personal liability insurance coverage and household insurance are generally required for the renting of a house or apartment. For motor vehicles, a comprehensive Casco insurance is recommended for new vehicles.

I'm a Diplomat. What kind of insurances do I need?

Diplomats generally need the same insurances as any other expat. However, thanks to you status as Diplomat, you may entitled for special features or may have specific requirements. Get in touch with our experts Here for a no-obligation consultation now!

Health Insurance

Is it mandatory to get health insurance as soon as I move to Switzerland?

Yes. Health Insurance is mandatory in Switzerland and you need to register yourself for the compulsory basic insurance within three months of arrival.

My foreign health insurance is still running and I don’t want to pay double. Can I defer the start date of my health insurance in Switzerland?

Well, it is not possible to defer the start date of your health insurance in Switzerland. Therefore, you’ll have to bear the premium payments, even if your foreign health insurance active for some time.

Do I need to complete any health declaration for insurance application?

All Swiss health insurance companies are bound by the law to accept applications for compulsory basic health insurance; irrespective of state of health, age, gender etc. So, if you are only looking at getting the compulsory basic health insurance, then it is not necessary to complete any health declaration. However, it may be required for voluntary supplementary insurance. Get in touch with our experts Here to know more.

Does my health insurance cover dental?

The basic compulsory health insurance does not cover dental care. However, you can avail it as a supplementary insurance.

In case of a surgery, can I choose my own doctor or hospital/clinic?

Not really. You can only choose a hospital which is located in your canton of residence.

Can I contract the supplementary health insurance without health questioner?

Most health insurance companies will have a set of questions while applying for a supplementary health insurance. You can only contract it after answering these questions and upon approval from the insurance company.

I have questions that is not listed here.

No problem. Get in touch with our experts Here. We would love to offer you a No-Obligation consultation and answer any questions you might have.

Personal Liability Insurance

How important it is to get the personal liability insurance?

While it is not a Govt mandated insurance, it is strongly advised for anyone living in Switzerland. Any damage caused to a third party is payable by you. Having a personal liability coverage protects your finances in such situations.

Is this only valid for damages done at the rented apartment ?

No, any damages done to other parties are covered under this insurance with worldwide coverage.

Who are covered in personal liability insurance?

You can cover yourself with the personal liability insurance. However, if you live in a domestic partnership, it is possible to cover your entire household under one policy. Get in touch with us Here to know more about it.

Household Content Insurance

Is household content insurance compulsory in Switzerland?

In most cantons, it is voluntary. Nidwalden, Jura, Fribourg, Vaud are exceptions. Call us to know whether it is a compulsory one at your place or not. However, a lot of time, owner of the apartment or the real estate agency may want to have certain covers in place.

Will there be any tax deduction for this insurance plan?

In some conditions it is. Be in touch with us to know, in which conditions will this type of insurance be tax deductible?

Can I cancel this insurance at a certain point?

Yes, it can be canceled with a 3 months’ prior notice.

Does this type of insurance cover bicycles or e-bikes?

Yes, they are covered under this type of insurance.

Can I claim for stolen credit cards or cash?

Cash is covered up to CHF 5,000, provided it is stolen from home and not from a place away from it.

Are my luxury watches and jewelry are covered under this insurance type?

Yes; but the cover would be limited to 20% of the sum insured max CHF 30’000.

Does the insurance move if you change location?

Yes, it will.

Legal Protection

What does Legal Protection cover?

In case of any legal dispute, this particular insurance covers Legal experts’ fee, procedural costs, Bail payment, litigation cost, etc.

Who can be insured with this legal protection system?

The policyholder is insured for an individual policy. In case of family insurance, all members in the family living in the same house are insured.

Can I choose the lawyer?

Yes, you can choose your own lawyer.

When does the cover begin?

It begins right after a three months waiting period is over from the time when the policy is taken out.

Travel Insurance

What is insured by a travel insurance?

This is to insure a traveler from any unforeseen expense during the tour. It can be related to medical expense, personal accident related expenses, flight delay, loss of baggage, trip cancellation, hijack distress, study interruption, loss of passport, etc.

When should you purchase a travel insurance?

A policy can be bought until the date of travel.

In case of illness during the travel, are the treatments fees covered?

No. But they are covered with your mandatory health insurance.

In which cases can trip cancellation get insured?

In case of injury, natural calamity, terrorism, bankruptcy of the tour provider, a cancellation would be covered.

Valuable Items Insurance

What items can be covered with valuable items insurance in Switzerland?

This can cover all of your high value possessions, such as jeweler, furs, painting, rugs, musical instrument, any antiques etc.

Does the cover apply if my valuables are in bank?

Yes. For most items, the cover is applicable in your home or in a bank safe.

How valuable is valuable enough?

The CHF 20000 is the threshold. Anything less valuable than that can be covered by your house hold content insurance.

Does this provide a worldwide coverage?


Do I need to have some proofs of ownership?

Yes, when you contract it, you have to have the receipt or evaluation of each pieces to insure.

Life Risk Insurance

Do I need to complete any health declaration for insurance application?

Yes, you would need to. There are certain health condition that may disqualify you for taking out a life risk insurance. Get in touch with us to know more about it.

Can I purchase a life risk insurance for my significant other?

Yes, of course. But, you would need their consent to proceed.

Is there any age limit for purchasing a life risk insurance in Switzerland?

This depends on the company, please contact our expert for more details.

Can I have more than one life risk insurance?

Yes, you can.

If I leave Switzerland, can I keep the insurance coverage ?

Yes. But there may be some restrictions depending of the countries.

What is the optimal coverage?

It depends from case to case. However, roughly saying, it should be double your annual salaries.


Is 20% cash the minimum to have for buying a main residence ?

Yes, it can be higher depending the situation of the house and your annual salary.

Can I borrow 100% of the price?

Well, it is rare. Please get in touch with us to know how much of the purchase price you are eligible for.

What types of mortgages are available in Switzerland?

There are mainly four types of mortgages you can avail: fixed rate, variable rate, capped rate and bridging loans.

Is there any minimum deposit amount?

It is 20% of the property value.

Pension Plan and Investment

Is it something I would need if I stay in Switzerland for a short period?

No, it is more suitable if you stay for minimum 10 years

What are some good investment plans?

Relevant investment plans vary from individual to individual. It is largely dependent on factors such as age, income, lifestyle and much more. Get in touch with our experts for a no-obligation consultation.

Buildings insurance

Which covers are recommended?

The recommended covers would be, Fire and natural hazards, Water damages and Earthquake.

What should be the coverage amount for my property?

The optimal coverage amount depends on many factors; such as the nature of your property (residential, commercial), age of your property etc. Get in touch with our experts to know more.

Car and Motorbike Insurance

Can I insure my car in Switzerland with a stranger’s plate?

No, it is only possible once the car is registered with the Swiss license plates.

What is partial Casco?

A partial Casco covers you car in case of theft, Natural hazards, Fire, Animals, Glass damages, Malicious damages, Martens, Parking damages and Items transported

Can I choose which covers to opt for in partial Casco?

Not really. Usually it comes as a package.

What is a full Casco?

This is full accidental damage cover for your car, including partial Casco

Is full Casco mandatory?

It is only mandatory for leased vehicles.

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